Translating product strategy into executable development plans



After 17 years in leadership roles in operations and development in the fine chemical and biotechnology industries, Brian started Wilco to address a fundamental gap in organizations conducting complex product development programs. Organizations authorize resources, human and capital, for a project expecting deliverables within a certain timeframe.  The imposed budget and timeline often drives the project team into action without allotting the required time to develop an executable product development plan, leading to poor results and inefficient investment of resources.  Understanding that there typically is no perfect plan when a development project is started, and also that business executives view inaction as worse than inefficient action, Brian began to employ a cyclical planning process that identified the critical “killer experiments” that would quickly generate the data to evaluate if the product warranted continued investment.  Identifying and achieving these value inflection points helped executives prioritize the investment and generate shareholder and investor support, while also assuring that the project team received the appropriate resources for continuation of the program when warranted.

Wilco strives to bridge the gap from strategy to product realization by providing a balanced view in program planning and execution.  Focusing on translating strategy to achievable plans that facilitate informed business decisions is how we generate value for our clients.  We will facilitate and participate in the planning needed between your subject matter experts, key opinion leaders, and executive team to generate an executable plan to meet your shareholders needs.  Then we will ensure it produces results.

Brian r. Taubenheim

Principal and Founder